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Let us show you how to use EEOSTAT, a statistical software tool that aids in the mathematics of employment law. The easy-to-use EEOSTAT can help you review your employment practices. We have partnered with Equitas Publishing, the creators of EEOSTAT and we will train your staff in applying these tests accordingly and subject to the activities noted below.

  • ensure that tests are appropriately applied based in compliance with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, EEOC Record Keeping Regulations, & Title VII precedents.
  • appropriately look at demographic data in establishing a reasonable labor market for applicant flow if deficiencies are found through either recruitment and applicant source data.
  • review current practices in receiving applications through the Internet, and make appropriate recommendations in minimizing company liability in full compliance with OFCCP guidance.
  • where bottom-line statistical significant disparities are found regarding an employment practice by protected group status, review the various components of the selection process to identify the segment supporting the bottom-line disparity.
  • explore with your company the specific policy and/or practice that is contributing in part and/or in total to the bottom-line disparities with appropriate corrective measures.

As Systemic Experts with notable experience at EEOC/OFCCP, we are fully committed to assist your Company find and correct any practice and/or policy which may inhibit Equality of Employment Opportunity. Please call on us with your Questions through this website, or call 713-503-2857, Javier Chacon.