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PRINCIPAL CONSULTANTS FOR EEO CONSULTANTS & MEDIATORS INCLUDE Javier Chacon, Carmen Carter, Stanley Braverman, John Dobelman, & Jerry Jensen. Please refer to the respective biography below for John.

John A. Dobelman, Statistical Consultant Ph.D., Statistics; Masters in Business and Public Management (MBPM); BS Electrical Engineering (BSEE),all from Rice University John A. Dobelman, Ph.D., is Professor of Statistics and Director of the Professional Master's Program in Statistics at The Rice University, George R. Brown School of Engineering, in Houston, Texas. Prior to that he was a Scientist at PROS Holdings, Inc. and a former Adjunct Professor of Statistics at the University of St. Thomas, Cameron School of Business. John has over 12 years experience as a Federal Manager in the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Fort Worth Regional Office, responsible for Engineering/Construction, personnel and architectural and engineering contract management. His research interests, experience, and skills include:

  • Statistical analysis of Intercultural communication issues, empirical portfolio selection, and simulation-based statistical methods.
  • Managerial experience in position classification, selection performance review, adverse action, and establishing, managing or implementing regulatory programs such as ADA, EEOC, OSHA, HAZMAT, etc.
  • Continued experience in mentoring, motivating, promotion, coaching, training & development.
  • Certified ODI Facilitator.
  • Strong record in total quality/excellence employee involvement programs.
  • Excellent communication skills and practiced in public affairs, stakeholder and user groups, US Congressional staff briefings and persuasion.
  • Committed to customer focus.

Call on us so that you can use the multitude of expertise available for your company's needs through EEO Consultants & Mediators.