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Fact Finding Investigations from a Neutral and Professional Perspective.

EEO CONSULTANTS & MEDIATORS is available to provide your law firm or company an independent confidential fact-finding investigative report regarding any EEO issue brought about through either EEOC, OFCCP or Wage/Hour. We will provide you the facts as neutral professionals and, if desired, recommend appropriate corrective measures for your firm to consider. These issues include but are not necessarily limited to those items reflected below.

  • individual complaint, filed through EEOC or its city/state FEPA partners.
  • EEO grievance filed through your internal grievance program.
  • Class EEOC charge, any issue or statute.
  • Systemic or class based Charge filed through EEOC, OFCCP or Wage/Hour.
  • Hostile Environment Complaints, any statute.
  • Sexual Harassment Complaint.
  • Any Systemic Finding through EEOC, OFCCP or Wage/Hour. 

Expert Testimony

EEO CONSULTANTS & MEDIATORS is available to provide Expert Testimony regarding any report prepared accordingly as noted in the Investigative and other appropriate sections. Please call on us with your inquiries through this website, or call us at 713-503-2857, Javier Chacon.