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Workplace Dispute Resolution Services

Whether it consists of an organizational dispute between two departments or a discrimination complaint, a highly skilled Dispute Resolution professional can help you resolve workplace conflict without resorting to costly litigation or further disruption at work. It is EEO CONSULTANTS MEDIATORS' philosophy that each workplace dispute should be approached pragmatically, seeking practical long-term and creative solution to an identified organizational dispute. Let us put our expertise to work in designing creative solutions that work & establish solid Affirmative Defenses!

Types of Workplace Disputes We Can Help Resolve

  • Allegations of Sexual Harassment, quid pro quo and hostile environment.
  • Allegations of Racial, National Origin, Religion Harassment and others.
  • Organizational conflicts involving intra-office disputes and leadership issues.
  • Management decisions related to promotions, training, awards and discipline.
  • Allegations of discrimination.
  • Complaints about working conditions and assignments.
  • Union leadership disputes with management, where parties wish to avoid an Unfair Labor Practice.
  • Personality conflicts at work.
  • Other workplace relations conflicts.

Dispute Resolutions Services Offered Mediations Serving as a third-party neutral, EEO CONSULTANTS & MEDIATORS will act as a mediator between disputing workplace parties to quickly and effectively resolve organizational disputes. You maintain total control over the outcome, while we assist in the resolution process.

Fact-Finding and Investigations Before your company takes that removal action or settles that EEO complaint, consider having a neutral professional prepare an independent confidential fact-finding report. EEO CONSULTANTS & MEDIATORS will give you that objective assessment of the facts which will allow you to make a better-informed decision.

Ombuds Services Working as your corporate troubleshooter, EEO Consultants & Mediators can quickly and independently evaluate difficult or systemic workplace complaints. We are able to develop practical solutions or actually negotiate confidential resolution of the complaint. This saves your Company Time and Money. We can even help you set up an ongoing Ombuds program designed to serve your entire staff.

Facilitations Our facilitators are process experts. We will assist your staff with both the team building and group problem-solving processes needed to accomplish your identified goals. We can provide guidance to your staff as to how to conduct the meetings in pursuit of your identified goals. Please call on us with your questions through this website or call 713-503-2857, Javier Chacon.