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  • actions to consider in reviewing the EEOC administrative process when a complaint is filed against your Company.
  • actions required of your Company to reduce liability concerning any complaint (informal or formal) of unlawful harassment.
  • actions required of your Company in Conducting an Internal EEO Harassment Investigation.
  • actions required of your Company in addressing any complaint of unlawful retaliatory treatment subject to EEOC laws.
  • promoting Equality of Opportunity in Everyday Supervision.
  • how to stay OFF EEOC's Radar as Potential Systemic Targets.
  • the Basics in Analyzing Past Employment Practices and how to apply Statistical Tests of Significance.
  • how to continuously promote diversity in your business.
  • how Bulling Behavior from Supervisors can lead to a Retaliatory Hostile Work Environment!

These training programs are available and can be conducted in segments of 1/2 days or 1-4 days, and can be repeated as necessary for specific groups of employees at same or other facilities as may be required.

  • the focus of these programs can be geared for specific members of your workforce and can be done in Spanish as well.
  • these programs can be linked to specific coaching functions for lead employees/supervisors who may also function as 'trainers'.
  • also available are the use of improvisation actors in addressing suspect inappropriate or possibly unlawful actions whereby the audience provides the coaching to the actors ( in conjunction with Tony Mitchell of People Positive);
  • the scope of the training program can be designed accordingly to the needs of YOUR COMPANY.

Please call on us with your questions through this website, or call on us at 713-513-2857, Javier Chacon.